Fight The Virus

Epidemic Prevention Measures

1. Runners will be assigned a specific start time. There will be only 3 runners starting the race in every minute.
2. Runners are strongly recommended to wear sports masks to minimize the risk of infection.
3. Participants must ensure that their physical condition has no symptoms of respiratory tract infection or other physical discomfort, and check their body temperature to confirm that there is no sign of fever before attending the race.
4. Participants must not have visited overseas countries in the past 14 days, have not been under government quarantine and medical testing, and have not had close contact with confirmed cases.
5. Event centre & baggage deposit of this event are located at non-public facility. During the event, only officials and participants are allowed to enter. Participants must present their number bib to enter event centre.
6. Participants are required to have body temperature check before entering the Event Centre. If the body temperature is 37.5 degrees or above, participants are not allowed to enter the event centre nor participate in the competition, and the entry fee will not be refunded.
7. In order to reduce the number of participants at the event centre at the same time, participants can only enter the event centre 30 minutes before the assigned start time (the walking time from event centre to start point is about 25 minutes), and leave within 5 minutes after completing the race.
8. There will be no prize presentation session on the race day. All results will be announced on the event website on the same day. The awards will be reissued at the Salomon Pro Shop.
9. Due to the limited amount of time, we strongly recommend participants to change their sports clothing before entering the event centre  and save time for preparation.
10. All persons must wear masks at all times, except for exceptions specified in Cap. 599I. Participants can only take it off at 50 meters after the start. Plastic bags will be provided for participants to store their masks. Participants must bring along their masks during the race and put it on immediately after crossing the finish line. However, we still strongly recommend participants to wear suitable sports masks during the competition to minimize the risk of infection.
11. All persons must maintain a social distance of not less than 1.5 meters at all times.
12. If participants encounter any  physical discomfort or fever during the race, they must stop and withdraw from the race immediately.
13. Participants are required to fully cooperate with any additional epidemic prevention measures requested by venue management officials.

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